Chainsaw Artist to Create Riverfront Sculpture at Riverview Terrace- Press Release

Press Release: Riverview Terrace Stump Carving Annoucement

Chainsaw Artist to Create Riverfront Sculpture at Riverview Terrace

Traverse City, Michigan – August 11, 2016

The Traverse City Housing Commission has invited Scott Kuefler to carve a riverfront sculpture on its Riverview Terrace property in downtown Traverse City.  He will begin work around noon on Saturday, August 13 and expects to finish on the evening of August 14 – weather permitting.

The artist, Scott Kuefler, is a well-known chainsaw artist, woodcarver, chainsaw sculptor, or tree carver (depending on how you want to describe the activity) from Chesterfield, Michigan who has been professionally active since 2001.  He is an award-winning national and international competitor having competed across the United States (from Michigan to Florida) and as far away as Japan.  Some of his work can be viewed on his website:

The tree was removed to make room for the Uptown Riverfront condos in 2014 but TCHC immediately searched for an artist with the ability to deliver an ornate riverfront sculpture.  After a long search and interview process, Scott Kuefler was selected to create a yet to be revealed sculpture of an animal, bird, or fish along the Boardman River.



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