Spotlight: Orchardview Townhomes

The Traverse City Housing Commission is currently seeking applicants for our 3 & 4 bedroom townhome community wait list. All applicants will need to meet “minimum occupancy requirements” to initially quality for wait list (having enough family members to fill the unit size). Other requirements listed below….

Orchardview is a twenty (21) unit apartment community, consisting of 15 Three Bedroom, 5 Four Bedroom, and 2 Accessible units (3 & 2 br).  Orchardview is located off Carter Road in Leelanau County but is also within the city limits of Traverse City.

Residents at Orchardview are responsible for their natural gas, water and electricity.  All the townhouses are equipped with washer and dryer (both natural gas and electric) connections, a storage shed and a minimum of 1 ½ bathrooms.

If your family qualifies for housing at Orchardview, you will pay approximately 30% of your adjusted gross income for rent and utilities.  Families are eligible for consideration for residency at Orchardview if their income does not exceed:

3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People
   $ 49,200   $ 54,650   $ 59,050  $ 63,400   $ 67,600

Orchardview Application: Orchardview Application 4-08


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