Carson Square Permanent Supportive Housing


PSH Cover Letter Carson Square

Carson Rental Applications: All applicants will need to go through intake with Whitney Larson-Street Outreach/ Housing Support Services or Rachel McGinley-Goodwill Housing Services Case Manager at 231.935.4010.

Carson Square Apartments is a special community that has project based housing vouchers attached to each apartment unit.  This means that while individuals and families are living at Carson Square, they are required to pay 30% of their income towards housing expenses (rent and utilities).   The remainder of the rent amount is paid through the Traverse City Housing Commission Housing project based vouchers.  The Traverse City Housing Commission will have 5, one bedroom vouchers and 5, two bedroom vouchers at Carson Square.

In order to apply and get on the waiting list for a permanent supportive housing unit at Carson Square Apartments, an adult applicant MUST be homeless (literally homeless, homeless youth or a survivor of domestic violence), chronically homeless AND special needs.  You MUST be able to provide some form of documentation of homelessness, domestic violence or special need.

In addition to providing proof of homelessness, domestic violence, or special need, applicants must also fall below the maximum gross income limits listed below.

Applicants are not eligible to apply if the household’s gross income (before taxes are taken out) exceeds the move-in income limits listed below for the family size:

  • 1 person household cannot exceed $13,850 for the year
  • 2 person household cannot exceed $16,240 for the year
  • 3 person household cannot exceed $20,420 for the year
  • 4 person household cannot exceed $24,600 for the year

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Maximum occupancy for a 1 bedroom unit is two people
  • Maximum occupancy for a 2 bedroom unit is four people
  • If you are a single parent household with 1 child, you will qualify for a 2 bedroom unit
  • Applicants under the age of 24 who go to school full time are only eligible to apply if they have children in their custody. Otherwise, they are not eligible for this project.

Think you may qualify and want to complete an application to get on the waiting list for Carson Square Apartments?

If you have SS cards and birth certificates for everyone in the household, you can bring these with your application.