Located in Leelanau County, within the City limits of Traverse City in a country setting, Orchardview is a townhouse community consisting of fifteen 3 bedroom townhouses,  five 4 bedroom townhouses and one 2 bedroom apartment.  All units have  a minimum of  1 bathroom.  All units have washer/dryer hookup, exterior storage unit and ample storage within the unit.
Our residents pay approximately 30% of  their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities.  Residents are responsible for their utilities which include, natural gas, electricity and water.  The Housing Commission is responsible for sewer, snow and trash removal.  Residents are provided a utility allowance which is deducted from 30% of their adjusted monthly income.  The balance remaining is equal to the amount of monthly rent that the resident is responsible for (ex.  30% of adjusted monthly income = $400 – $150 (utility allowance)= $250 for monthly rent).
Residents of Orchardview are required by Federal Regulations to perform community service or participate in an economic self-sufficiency program unless they are working a minimum of 30 hours per week or are determined to be exempt (on an annual basis) from participation.
Income and family size determines eligibility for Orchardview, along with successful completion of our suitability process.  To be initially determined eligible, families must meet the following criteria:
Family Size                                                        Income Limit
3                                                                              $50,560
4                                                                              $56,250
5                                                                              $60,750
6                                                                              $65,250
7                                                                              $69,750
8                                                                              $74,250
Applicants who do not meet the above guidelines, with respect to family size, are welcome to apply.  We would like to inform you that your application may be on the waiting list longer than most.
If Orchardview sounds like a place you would like to live, please click on the links for application materials:
Cover Letter
Please do not leave your contact information or personal information in “Comments”.  If you would like additional information, please contact us either by telephone (231-922-4915) or by email – tchc @tcpha.net.  

4 thoughts on “Orchardview

    1. We do not have 2 bedroom units but do have the Housing Choice Voucher wait list open. You may print the application from this website or stop by our office during normal business hours to pick one up.

  1. I am interested in two bedrooms. It is my three year old son and I, and we are looking for something as soon as possible. Thank you.

    1. We do have two bedroom units or emergency services. We suggest contacting agencies such as Goodwill or the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency for immediate help or additional resources.

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