Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Wait List CLOSED

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Programs are federally funded (HUD/MSHDA) programs which provide assistance to help eligible individuals and families pay their rent.  If you qualify and are accepted as a participant in the HCV program, the amount you pay for rent and utilities may vary, but will generally not exceed between 30 and 40 percent of your household income.

The Traverse City Housing Commission  (TCHC) has adopted preferences for families with children, elderly and disabled individuals, as well as families who live in, work within or have been hired to work within the TCHC service area. The TCHC service area is comprised of a 50 mile radius of the TCHC Main Office and encompasses Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau and Wexford Counties.  You are not required to reside within our service area to submit an application.  Applicants are eligible for consideration in the program if their household income does not exceed:

Counties 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person
Antrim $ 19,100.00 $ 21,800.00 $ 24,550.00 $ 27,250.00 $ 29,450.00
Benzie $ 19,750.00 $ 22,600.00 $ 25,400.00 $ 28,200.00 $ 30,500.00
Grand Traverse $ 21,600.00 $ 24,650.00 $ 27,750.00 $ 30,800.00 $ 33,300.00
Leelanau $ 23,950.00 $ 27,350.00 $ 30,750.00 $ 34,150.00 $ 36,900.00
Wexford $ 18,450.00 $ 21,050.00 $ 23,700.00 $ 26,300.00 $ 28,450.00
Kalkaska $ 18,450.00 $ 21,050.00 $ 23,700.00 $ 26,300.00 $ 28,450.00

Once your application is processed, it will be placed on a waiting list where it will remain until funding is available.  When funding becomes available and your application nears the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted via U.S. Mail. This initial contact will inquire as to your interest  in the HCV Program. If you are determined eligible for the HCV Program, you will attend a Briefing, at which time your family will be issued a voucher.  Once you receive a voucher, you will initially have 60 days to find housing.  We advise you that if you enter into a lease agreement prior to issuance of a voucher, the HCV Program may not be able to assist you.


We look forward to working with you and your family.

Please do not leave your contact information or personal information in “Comments”.  If you would like additional information, please contact us either by telephone (231-922-4915) or by email – tchc @tcpha.net. 


35 thoughts on “Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Wait List CLOSED

  1. I want to know if I am successfully registered for the sec 8 housing program through this site. Please call me at231-590-1751. Thank you

  2. I was wondering if you will be doing online applications as I do not have a vehicle and it would be most difficult to get to Traverse City.

  3. I need more information, I would like to know if me and my family are eligible, and what steps I need to take as quickly as possible. Please call me @ 231-463-0777. Thank you and God bless!

  4. I received a letter saying that I have been added to the TVC section 8 wait list. I sent the requested info back, now how do I check my status on the wait list?

  5. Looking to get more information the Section 8. what is the process, and how long does it typically take. I am in need of housing for 2 people no later than September. Would love to hear a response asap. Cell # 231-944-4968
    Thank you!

  6. I get ssi and have a daughter we are in need of housing ASAP and I don’t have a car is there any way to know when the list is open or if I can file something online?

    1. I suggest contact the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency at 231-947-3780. We do not have emergency services and our wait lists are averaging a year wait currently.

    1. Hello,
      Could you please tell me the number I am supposed to call or also tell me if I need to fill out an application, the email said I did in 2013 but It has been so long I don’t remember filling one out

  7. Hi, I am looking for a one bedroom apartment. I understand that section 8 wait list is a very long wait process, but even if I could get an apartment based on 30% income would be great. I have applied to two places already, one of the apartments has been a year already, and the other has been just a couple of months. I would like some feedback when you folks are able to respond back to me. Thank You..

  8. My son and I live in Benzie County and are about to be evicted soon. I was wondering if someone could please contact me ASAP with more information. This is a need be situation that we must move soon. 231-871-0837 Call anytime Thank you

  9. I’m a single mother of two young children and I need assistance getting into a place. I’m desperate and cannot wait a year. What can I do?

  10. Any clue with your list is going to open up and you’re going to start accepting applications? People need housing up here!!

  11. Just out of curiosity. How many people are on the waitlist? I got a call 3 years ago and told I was only 7 from the top. Never heard from them again.

    1. If you have not been contacted by our office for annual updates you most likely are no longer on the wait list. You may contact our office on the last Thursday of this month to find out your position on the wait list.

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