Woodmere Ridge (Project Based Housing)

Woodmere Ridge PBVP is a federally funded (HUD) program which provides assistance to help eligible individuals and families pay their rent. If you qualify and are accepted as a participant in the Woodmere Ridge PBVP the amount you pay for rent and utilities may vary, but will generally not exceed 40 percent of your household income. Units are designated exclusively for occupancy by persons who are homeless in accordance with the definition of the HUD McKinney Act. Additional requirements are: Very low income families, elderly, handicapped and disabled individuals or a victim of a natural disaster.

The Family Household Income cannot exceed:

1 Person          $23,100

2 Persons         $26,400

3 Persons        $29,700

4 Persons        $32,950

5 Persons        $35,600

6 Persons        $38,250

7 Persons        $40,900

8 Persons        $43,500

Woodmere Ridge Application: All applicants will need to go through intake with NMCAA Coordinated Access staff prior to completing an application for Supportive Housing. Please contact Central Intake at 844-900-0500 to schedule an appointment.


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